Bertani Domains

Authentic by Nature

Bertani Domains is one of the most eminent groups in the Italian winemaking sector. It includes wineries, which not only have made winemaking history in their respective regions, but today they are highly-innovative business models on the international wine scene.

In fact, the supporting core of the daily activity of these wineries is to be found in the enhancement of the most authentic identity of the territories they are located in, and in the faithful interpretation of the suitability of the grape varieties.

Authenticity is the result of constant research and investment in the founding matrix of quality, i.e. the land and the vineyard.

These are wineries where the human factor and the skills of the different professionals have always been considered fundamental features for the growth of the Group, for the constant development of its winemaking supply and to also guarantee that ever-so-indispensable innovation.

But Bertani Domains, and all of its wineries, is also a group that straightaway took on the responsibility of being the leader in renewing the world of Italian wine, to become a reference point in the various territories it works in, in the pursuit of transparency and respect for what for too many years has been considered an obsolete concept: typicity.

The wineries in the group, starting with Bertani, have stood out through the years because they have never followed easy trends, but have always faced the market and consumers with their own authentic identity, convinced that this is the only way to guarantee a credible and respected representation in Italy and abroad.

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